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Vivace RF Microneedling

Vivace™ Microneedling in Philadelphia

Forever Young Medical Spa is pleased to offer Vivace™. Vivace™ is the newest generation of microneedling that adds radio frequency technology and is cleared by the FDA. This nonsurgical treatment for contouring and tightening the face, neck and body stimulates the production of collagen, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles using the unique Vivace™ Microneedling RF device.

What is the Vivace Experience?

The Vivace Experience™ combines this new RF microneedling device with the newest breakthroughs in numbing, treatment serums and recovery care to create an optimal experience for you that might just keep you from investigating other more invasive procedures down the road. The results are both immediate and improve over time with multiple treatments.

How Vivace™ Works ?

Radiofrequency Microneedling with Vivace™ is a nonsurgical procedure. The Vivace™ wand is guided along your face, neck, or other treatment area.From the wand, a collection of ultra-tiny needles swiftly penetrate your skin and shuttle in the heat energy. The Vivace™ features alternating LED lights that boost collagen production and interrupt acne development.The topical cream keeps you from feeling pain, though you may feel pressure during the session.

Vivace™ uses painless advanced radio frequency to improve skin tightness and reduce wrinkles. By precisely heating the deep dermal layers, collagen contracts and tightens via soft tissue coagulation, elastin becomes more uniform and new collagen production begins and progresses over time.

Ideal Candidates For Vivace™

The ideal patient is between 35 and 60 years old who want a non surgical improvement of fine lines, texture, acne scars and firmer, tighter skin with no downtime and minimal to no discomfort. The patient may have moderate nasolabial folds, fine lines around the mouth and eyes, frown lines and early brow laxity, forehead wrinkles, and wrinkles of the upper eyelid. This treatment is for all skin types from light to dark.

Vivace™ Treatment

During Vivace™ treatment you will experience a warm sensation like a hot stone massage. Some people find it completely relaxing where others may have a sensitivity to the heat. Numbing cream can be applied prior to the treatment to ensure a comfortable experience prior to treatment. The actual treatment takes about 45 minutes with an additional 30 minutes for topical numbing. Recovery From Vivace™ There is no downtime with Vivace™ and no risk of sun exposure following treatment. The clear, micro channels created by Vivace™ stay open for 4-6 hours which allows the opportunity to supplement the overall treatment with either PRP or serums along with recovery protocols to create faster recovery and significant results. Many patients combine Vivace™ with other skin treatments such as PRP(Platelet Rich Plasma) and fractionalskin-resurfacing to achieve even more tightening, brighter, smoother skin. We recommend at least six hours before applying makeup or you may even want to wait until the following morning. Follow the recommended recovery protocols, sun protection, and avoid working out for three days.

Vivace™ Results

All patients continue to age and therefore it is important to schedule maintenance Vivace™ treatments in order to achieve optimal results. Patients typically require 3-4 treatments spaced four to six weeks apart. Results may take up to three months to fully appear as the process of collagen production increases over time. Forever Young Medical Spa recommends having maintenance treatments every 6 months.

Schedule A Consultation

For more information on Vivace™, or to see whether you are a candidate, call our office at (215)419-7707 today! Forever Young Medical Spa serves Philadelphia, Main Line, South Jersey and surrounding areas.

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