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Pellevé in Philadelphia
Forever Young Medical Spa is pleased to offer Pellevé ®. Pellevé is an FDA cleared, non-surgical treatment that is effective for mild to moderate facial wrinkles and rhytid. It uses radio frequency waves to gently heat deep layers of the skin, encouraging the natural growth of new collagen. Finally, there is a solution to lax or wrinkled skin without surgery!

How Pellevé Works
Pellevé uses painless advanced radio frequency to improve skin tightness and reduce wrinkles. By precisely heating the deep dermal layers, collagen contracts and tightens via soft tissue coagulation, elastin becomes more uniform and new collagen production begins and progresses over time.

Ideal Candidates For Pellevé
The ideal patient is between 35 and 60 years old who has modest to moderate laxity but relatively elastic skin. The patient may have moderate nasolabial folds, fine lines around the mouth and eyes, frown lines and early brow laxity, forehead wrinkles, and wrinkles of the upper eyelid.

Pellevé Treatment
During Pellevé treatment you will experience a warm sensation like a hot stone massage. Some people find it completely relaxing where others may have a sensitivity to the heat. The Pellevé treatment to the face and eyes will take about an hour. Patients will find that their face looks fuller and more youthful for that initial 24 hours as the dermis begins to react to the heat and rebuild the collagen.

Recovery From Pellevé
There is no downtime with Pellevé and no risk of sun exposure following treatment. Many patients combine Pellevé with other skin treatments such as microneedling or fractional-skin-resurfacing to achieve even more tightening, brighter, smoother skin.

Pellevé Results
All patients continue to age and therefore it is important to schedule maintenance Pellevé treatments in order to maintain your results. Patients typically require 3 treatments to achieve desired results although this will vary by patient. For optimal results, Forever Young Medical Spa recommends having maintenance treatments every 6 months.

Side Effects Of Pellevé
Patients who receive Pellevé treatment will not experience any negative side effects.

Schedule A Consultation
For more information on Pellevé, or to see whether you are a candidate, call our office at (215)419-7707 today! Forever Young Medical Spa serves Philadelphia, Main Line, South Jersey and surrounding areas.

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