1522 Locust Street, 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Marcy Augustine, RN BSN

Marcy’s professional education includes earning her B.S.N. degree from Widener University followed by continuing certifications in Dermal fillers, Botulinum toxins and Sclerotherapy at the Esthetic Institute in the state of Florida.  She earned her O.R. certification at DCCC (Delaware County Community College) and through formal continuing education as well as publications and research updates her skills and knowledge on a regular, often daily basis.

Marcy has over eight years of experience as a Nurse Injector.  She continually enhances her skills with the latest techniques and innovations with Dermal fillers, Botulinum toxins and Sclerotherapy (treatment of spider veins.)

Marcy is wholly invested in the belief that the patient should feel a comfortable partnership in making well informed decisions involving appearance. Her background and experience have taught her the value of outcomes that enhance feelings of health and well being that are so important to success, security and happiness. She wants her patients to look natural and not overdone—a fear of men and women alike.  She takes the time needed to review pre and post treatment instructions and the risks and benefits.   Marcy wants her patients to feel at ease prior to their treatments.  She discusses options of treatment to engage each person in his or her unique plan of treatment.  She encourages questions and clarifies answers until the patient feels educated and included in their plan of care.  Her goal is for each patient to have an individualized plan of care at the end of their consultation

A rich and varied nursing background is the foundation of Marcy’s respect and empathy for others. Marcy began her career as a charge nurse in a Nursing Home. She advanced her technical as well as “people” skills in hospitals and Surgical Centers. She worked as a Staff Nurse in Medical-Surgical in Labor and Delivery environments as well as in the Operating Room including the coordination activities of a Nurse Circulator.


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